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♕ Angel Z Marie Henderson. Yes that's my legal name. I'm the daughter of Randy&Jennifer. Sister to Echo,Jason,Nick,&Mike. Best Friend to Many. My heart belongs to Patrick Manning Jr. My hometown is Phoenix, AZ. My fears are ridiculous things. I love to many things to name. I hate goodbyes,needles,spiders, death,and mistakes. I write, not very good. I'm loud, no need to tell me. I'm outgoing, and crazy. I make the party fun. Graduated, class of 2012. ♥ Going to college, not sure for what yet. I love to drive. I'll be the DD any day. :) I prefer Chevy over Ford. ♥ My music taste is all over the place. I love animals, especially my dog Peanut. I want kids. 2, 3 max. A boy first, so he can beat anyone who hurts his little sister. I do miss Wisconsin, bet no one would guess that. My family's my everything. ♥ I take lots of pictures. People change, but pictures don't. I'll be here to listen, for anybody that needs to talk. Not sure what else to say. Ask me a question, night or day.